dead_pony_ink (dead_pony_ink) wrote in suck_my_poetry,

should i totally delete it?

it still needs a lot of work with periods/punctuation/line break type stuff, but my biggest question is am i being totally blind just because this is about brian?  does it totally suck?  k thanx.

because it will snow soon

and the snow will come down


like mirrors into little worlds

that end and begin at our finger tips


full of the secrets of doorways

and the distance between


our dreams and the world we walk around in

with our daytime bodies.


because leaves have a way of telling you

that death is the eternal savior,


come to gnaw away all of our faults

our misconceptions,


our erratic and ill conceived injustices

because happiness is a car ride


to a man in a sport coat 3000 miles away

and each mile is a marker


for what you are leaving behind.

because every choice we make in this life


is a distinct division between

what we want and what we wanted


and worlds divide like orchid seeds

to sprout something new and unexpected


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